Individual wedding chocolate, praline and Chocolate bars

Personalized Chocolate with photo for wedding

The best day in life should be the wedding. Every bridal pair tries on different ways, to make this day unforgettable also for the guests. This works preferably with guest presents, which are in memories for ever. Chocolate is a part of this. Little or big chocolate bars or pralines, which are print with photos of the bridal pair or with the names and the wedding date and taste absolutely delicious, no one from your guests will forget that. Mostly one chocolate is left, which get a place in the showcase of the guests as a memory of a wonderful day.

Important things about our chocolate

Wherefore chocolate for wedding – the positive effect

It’s easy to answer the question – chocolate makes happy. Maybe not like the science thought, but chocolate arises happiness and the mood get better. In chocolate is tryptophan, this is a ‘protein brick’. With the dismantling of this brick there originates Serotonin which is known in general as a luck hormone. Certainly the portion in the chocolate isn’t enough for getting big moments of happiness. The feeling of happiness and the good mood come up by the positive memories and feelings, which the most people unite with the chocolate. So the chocolate can redound, to raise the mood on the party. Or let come up the positive memories, when the guests enjoy the chocolate enjoy some weeks later.

Big or tiny – chocolate variations for choosing

In our shop you can choose between three different types of chocolate:

  • 100g bar full-milk-chocolate or with white chocolate
  • 7g square full-milk-chocolate with nougat inside
  • 5g square full-milk-chocolate

It’s your choice, whether you print a saying, a photo or something other.

High quality – products from Germany

Our chocolate is produce in Germany from companies, with a long tradition in the Producing of chocolate. Of course there are only used high-grade ingredients for the producing. For this purpose are used next to the high-quality cacao butter also natural ingredients like proper vanilla. The 5g squares are produce from the firm Storz and the 7g squares be the firm Günthart.

The ingredients from our chocolate

These ingredients are in our chocolate:

Full-milk-chocolate with nougatcreme filling, cacao 35% minimum in the full-milk-chocolate
*Sugar, cacao butter, full-milk-powder , unhardened vegetable fat, hazelnuts (8,7%), cacao mass, sweet whey powder, vegetable oil, defatted cacao powder, aroma,
Emulgators: sunflower-, soyalecithin, roast coffee, salt*

* There can be nuts inside *


Ingredients: sugar, full-milk powder, cacao butter, Emulgator lecithine (soya), bourbon vanillia extract. There can be hazelnuts inside.

The wrapping from the chocolate

The delivery of the 100g bar chocolate happens in printed folding boxes. The tiny chocolate of 5g and 7g are sent in little trays.

Different scope for design by printing

Of course our big chocolate has more possibilities for design than the tiny chocolate. So the 100g bar can be colorful on both sides, but there can also be just one side printed. The two little chocolate are designed by a label, which is 25 x 25 mm, and also colorful. The many possibilities for printing the chocolate, makes the singularity of this guest-gifts.

Easy designing with the configurator

If you don’t have an own design or an idea how, the chocolate should be designed, then you can use our configurator. Here you have different colors, themes and writing types for choosing, to personalize the chocolate. But if you use your own theme you can’t use the configurator for the further designing.

Quality makes the difference

A wedding is something so special, there nobody want to give his guests low-grade gifts . A chocolate with a good quality differs clearly from such low-price products. The sheer cacao taste is more intensive , and the texture is finer. Our chocolate has a so high quality, that will persuade every chocolate lover.

Is there any vegan chocolate?

No, we don’t have vegan chocolate in our shop.

The permanency of our personalized chocolate

The printed chocolate from our shop is durable one year

Order Timely – the delivery times

The chocolate is a personalized product, so the delivery time takes two weeks. But there is the possibility to short up the delivery time from two weeks to one week. You just have to choose the ‘Flashorder’.

Good protected on the transport way

Many weddings take place in the warm times of the year. Normally you don’t order the chocolate a half year before the event. Primarily a short time before. So the package for deliver has big requirements, because the chocolate should not melt on the way to you because of the high temperature. We deliver the chocolate in a bubble wrap, this bubble wrap protect the chocolate from the high temperature, so the delivery is regardless, when it is coming to you

Wedding games with chocolate

There are not many weddings which are without any of the popular wedding games. Why also not integrate chocolate in these games? Here are two lovely examples for wedding games, where chocolate has the biggest role:

Spooning flour

For this game you need two big bowls, enough flour, a spoon and of course chocolate. Our 5g squares are very good for this game. In one of the bowls you do the flour and heap it in the middle to a hill. On the top of it you put the chocolate. The bowl has to stand on a large table, where you can go around. The game starts with the youngest guest of the wedding. He has to take a spoon flour from the bowl, without let the chocolate wobbel or falling down. Did he it, he has to give the spoon flour in the other bowl and give the spoon to the next person. The one, who let the chocolate wobble or falling down, has to fetch it out from the bowl with his mouth, without any helping of the hands. Photos from the guests with flour faces are one of the favored memories on weddings. Then you have to make a new hill and start in to the next round.


This game brings some money in the wedding cash box. The bridal pair sells some things and get a little subsidy for wedding. Here you can take different chocolate bars with different motive and put it together to a little surprise parcel. Therefore you can take chocolate with photos, slogans and another chocolate with the names and the date. The guest would be very glad about the sweet surprise.

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