Disclaimer instruction

Disclaimer instruction

Right of rescission

You have the right, within fourteen days without giving any reasons, to disclaim the treaty. The disclaimer deadline is fourteen days as of the day, when you or a from you nominated third, who isn’t the carrier, has took the products in property.

To practice the right of rescission, you have to inform us (MARIP GmbH, Im Kreuzfeld 2, 36145 Hofbieber, info@hochzeitsbonbons.de, Phone number: 06657-9186820) with an clearly explanation (for example: with a letter send by post, a telefax or an e-mail) about your decision to disclaim the treaty. You can use the enclosed sample disclaim form, but it isn’t prescribed.

For keeping the disclaimer deadline it suffices, that you send the message about using the right of rescission before the disclaimer deadline is elapses.

Result of disclaimer

If you disclaim the treaty, we have to payback all payments from you, including delivery costs (with the exception of the additional costs which arise from the fact that you have chosen another kind of the delivery than which from us offered, most favorable standard delivery), immediately and at the latest fourteen days after the message about your disclaim of the treaty is incur to us. For the payback we use the same means of payment as you use by the primary transaction, unless, we appointed something other with you; in no instance we would charge you consideration because of this payback. We can refuse the payback, till we get the products back or you give us a proof, that you have send the products back, as the case may be, which is the former point in time.

You have to send or give the products back, immediately and in every instance for the latest within fourteen days off the day, when you inform us about your disclaimer from the treaty, to us or to MARIP-Werbelebensmittel Matthias Rippert Washingtonallee 8 36041 Fulda.The deadline is protect, when you sending the products before ending the deadline of fourteen days. We bear the costs for the back sending of the products. They must arise for any depreciation of the goods only if this depreciation is not due to one to the check of the state, qualities and functionality of the goods necessary contact with you.

    The cancellation right does not exist with the following contracts:
  • Contracts are decisive for the delivery of the goods which are not prefabricated and for their production an individual choice or regulation by the consumer or which are cut unambiguously on the personal needs of the consumer.
  • Contracts for the delivery of the goods which can fast go bad or whose expiry date would be fast crossed.
  • The contracts for the delivery of sealed goods which are not suitable for reasons of the health protection or the hygiene to the return if her sealing was removed after the delivery.
Pattern-cancellation form

(If you want to revoke the contract, fill please this form and send back it. )

– to MARIP GmbH, Im Kreuzfeld 2, 36145 Hofbieber, info@hochzeitsbonbons.de

– Herewith I / we revoke (n) (*) from myself (*) concluded contract about the purchase of the following goods (*) / the performance of the following service (*)

– Orders in (*) / receive in (*)

– Name of the consumers (s)

– Address of the consumers (s)

– Signature of the consumers (s) (only with communication on paper)

– date

(*) stroke the Incorrect.

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