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We are specialized on Candies, Chocolate and lollipops for your wedding. Momentous occasions need special ideas. We produce your personal candies for you.

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You search delicious Candie for Wedding, Birthday or Jubilee?

From us you get them individual and low-priced!

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Chocolate, Candies and Co. – the best wedding gifts

Gifts for the wedding are tradition an in every culture usual. Also it is custom that the guests get some gifts from the bridal pair, so they have for a long time memories of this day. But it isn’t easy to find the right wedding gifts. The gifts should be individual, that the guest can associate it with your wedding. If you take it in the hand or see it in the armoire, you should think on this wonderful day. And so the usual alcoholic spirits in bottles are removal, and also the expensive chocolate will be eat after a short time, when they are not individual.

The best gifts are that, they have a photo or the names from the bridal pair. Those are the gifts, which the guests take to the hand and wallow in memories. Especially a personalized chocolate whit the Photo of the pair is a favored gift. Mostly the chocolate would get a place in the armoire, what is worry for the high-quality and super tasty chocolate. Whit personalized gift you make your guest a big joy. They would take them home after the wedding party, seldom the would leave it at the table in the location, therefor they are to beautiful memories.

In our shop you find the ideal gifts for you lovely guest, with them you will celebrate. Show them your estimation with high-quality, individual gifts, which are for a long time a memory. Or products have high quality standards. Only high-quality ingredients are used, the production only takes place in Germany.

Wedding Candies with photo or text

Though they are rather small, but always very much popularly – candies. Everybody knows them from his childhood, and also when you get older, they don’t lose at fascination. Personalized candies for a wedding are not only consider wonderfully and very fast in the pocket put, they are also a miraculous decoration for the tables. You can print our wedding candies individually with your photo or also let mark, for example, with your names and the wedding date.

For our wedding sweets we process a very high grade sweet quality, besides, is completely renounced sugar substitutes. We use only high-quality fruit drops which contain a filling from fine fruit mark. The personalised wedding sweets are long-lasting twelve months, condition is a chill and dry safekeeping. It is important that the sweets are protected against a too high air humidity and moisture. The delivery of the sweets occurs in a suitable protective packaging, so that the delivery comes regardless of with you and you will take a lot of pleasure with the products.

Personalized Chocolate – liked an popular

While on the wedding sweets always only surely little space is available for sayings or photos, a chocolate already offers more place. Equal, if it’s a small Chocolate square or a bigger Chocolate bar, the effect is always same, the guests are hooked. Give away high quality chocolate, chocolate truffle or wedding chocolate with your photo or a lovely saying to your guests.

All this products are only produce in Germany from famous manufacturers with high-quality ingredients. Let print the chocolate by your wishes, provide the truffle chocolates in the bag with a nice label, or decide on the small little wedding chocolates with photo or a saying. Also popular is a mix from different products. Candies for the table or in a glass, chocolate bars, which one himself hands, and little chocolate squares to snack on a little sweet, that’s a popular combination.

From these products quite a big guest present can be also put together of course, while one fills a big sweet glass or a nice, so called, Organzasäckchen with the different chocolate products for every guest. Then the guests at home still some time can enjoy the tasty chocolate, and keep themselves also in each case a little bit in memory. The dispatch of the personalised chocolate occurs in the cardboard with an air cushion foil, this protects the chocolate against warmth. The products are long-lasting twelve months.

Sweet, small, sweetly – gum bears and fruit gum hearts

Fruit gum is after chocolate the most popular one sweetness generally. It’s equal if it’s tiny or big, everybody loves to eat fruity wine gum. We offer you high-quality fruit gum in heart form or bear's form, packed in small PE-backs. These little gum bears can allow printing you of course individually, with a photo as well as with sayings. Not only the kids get excited about that, also the adults will take the little backs home. Printed sweets are always a very nice memory of quite a special day.

Personalized Lollipops

One must not necessarily be Kojak to be allowed to enjoy also as adult Lollies, on the contrary. Even if many lollipops and Lollies assign rather to children, they are on weddings a very popular guest present. Our Lollies in heart form can allow to print you with individual etiquettes. With it you move the guests again back into happy and lighthearted times when one himself was still a child. Tip: Simply shoot a few photos if your guests enjoy the Lollies, and then provide from it a small album which they hand over to the guests later. Also this will become an unforgettable recollection.

Modern and traditional – the Candy Bar

Even if this trend is in Germany still in the beginning and on many weddings as very much moulder is looked, nevertheless, Candy Bar has already a long tradition, indeed, in the USA. On a table different sweets are put up, mostly in the nice sweet glasses in which the guests can help themselves according to heart desire. Shapes also you your personal Candy Bar with fruit gum hearts, little elastic bears, sweets, marshmallow, Lollies and pearls-fruit rubber hearts. A mixture of the delightful sweets, which are provided to your guests the whole time.

Delivery times

Personalized products are produced individually for you; hence, you count please with a delivery time of two weeks. If it must go quite fast, we also offer a "flash order". Then the product is dispatched 2-3 days after entrance of the payment.

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