Questions and Answers

How many candies are in 1kg?

1 kg approx. 180 candies, 2kg approx. 360 candies, 3kg approx. 540 candies.

What should I do, when I don’t like the print motive?

If you don’t like the print motive please send us an e-mail with your changing wishes. After we change the print motive you get a correction data. Nor before the print motive is okay, you transfer the price for the candies.

How long are the candies long-lasting?

We process a high-quality sweet quality which renounces sugar substitutes. Hence, the sweets must be protected against moisture and high air humidity. More ideally points in a sweet glass with screw top or a close plastic bag.

The sweets are long-lasting with chiller (between 10 and 15 ° C) and dry storage 1 year.

Can we mix with an order colours and print formats?

A mixture is possible, while you deliver two or several orders.

Every order must have 1 kg and costs with 1 kg 34,90€.

Can own print formats be also used?

Basically already. Please, send to us then a BMP file as a black / graphics know Monochrome. We check the image and say you whether a use is possible.

Which sweet quality is used?

We use only high-quality fruit drops. Since the nicest day should leave only good recollections. We use a mixture of different fruit drops with filling from fine fruit mark.

How much sweet does one need for a wedding?

Yes, this depends on what they plan with it. One can use them to the decorating of the tables, for distributing to the children, for bridal presents, and and and. . .

We let there with pleasure the experiences of our customers get a chance to speak. After feedback to us, one can count for 20 guests on about 1 kg of sweet if one liked to use the sweets to the table decoration and for the children.

Should you gain other experience, inform us of these please.

Is on the sweets your advertisement?

No. It will be only this print what you wish. These are, finally, your wedding sweets

Am I able to do the wedding sweets also by telephone or by fax, letter order?

Of course it can be also ordered differently (by e-mail goes only quick). If you order by fax, phone or letter, give us please the print format, the amount, the paper colour, calculation address and address of delivery in and where we should send the print format and the preliminary invoice

Then they write to MARIP GmbH, Im Kreuzfeld 2, 3645 Hofbieber or call Tel. 06657-9186820.

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